Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Starlust Easter Hunt


HUNT ENDS: April 9
HUNT ITEM: Easter eggs of any possible size and color, but most are enormous
VISIBILITY: Just fly around the sims, you can't miss them. Use wireframe to see the ones that are inside stores if you want.
OTHER: The prizes are not all free. They range in price from L$0 to L$10.

This is not a grid-wide hunt. It takes place on seven of the ten sims that make up the Starlust area. There's no set order and no HUD. Just go and search. Most of the eggs are large, and many are simply set out on the stores' roofs. The biggest challenge relates to the fact that you may never know whether you have them all or not (if, in fact, you're as stubborn as I am about finding them all). If you do want to find all of them, note that some are tricky. There's one I found inside a mountain. I could only see it with wireframe. But if all you want to do is spend an afternoon flying around some great, funky sims, picking up free and cheap stuff, then this is a perfect hunt for you.

A good starting spot is at The Starlust Motel on Lloyd. Open the SL map to see where the other sims are in relation to Lloyd if you're not familiar with them. What follows is a list of the eggs I've found, which may or may not be complete. But having a general idea of what can be found can make a huge difference. If anyone knows if I'm missing any eggs, please contact me privately or post the info in comments. Please include the sim only, not the exact location.

Split Pea (L$1): F green cable knit socks w prim flowers

Astraia (L$1): F tank/capris outfit, sandals, necklace
Awesome Blossom (L$0): U nerdy glasses (w & w/o tape), nerd tee
Fab.Pony 3/6 (L$1): F cropped tank, baby blue
Ki2 1/7 (L$10): F one-piece swimsuit w skirt, black
Kid Asia (L$0): M & F v-neck tees, three colors
Likka*House (L$0): F cyan lingerie set
MiaSnow (L$0): F white queen skin, pale w deep green makeup
Pie Hole (L$0): U skinned elbows & knees on all layers
Second Spaces (L$0): 12pr comfy chair in light purple & green floral
Sea Hole (L$5): 139pr skybox w loft, fireplace, full kitchen, wall art
Split Pea (L$10): bunneh mask w blinking eyes (hold in front of face)
Vanitas Vesture (L$0): F pink silk skirt
WhoNose (L$1): F white & green dress w poofy skirt
WorN (L$1): U egg avatar w attaching flowers to stay hidden :D

Bliensen + MaiTai (L$9): F hair w bunny ear-like braids, nine colors
ChaosLotus (L$10): F pink bellyring, pink & purple stud earrings
Coucou (L$1): F pink lace necklace
DooDads (L$2): F brightly colored heart bracelets
Fusion (L$0): F prim nails, gray and pink options w silver ring
Ki2 6/7 (L$10): F one-piece swimsuit w skirt, green
Mixed Nuts (L$2): ten textures (two types, five colors each)
Sisters (L$0): F blue, white, black batik corset top
/ME (L$10): cadbury creme egg foil for mouth, little easter basket w pose
Strumpet (L$0): F light blue dress w prep school badge

Blacklisted (L$10): U purple zombie Jesus tee
Fab.Pony 5/6 (L$1): F striped summery halter/shorts/leggings outfit
Ki2 7/7 (L$10): F one-piece swimsuit w skirt, bright blue
Pig (L$1): F duotone socks w suspenders, three colors
Thimbles (L$1): F brown babydoll dress

Bryce (L$0): M/U hair, eight colors
Chaotic Symphony (L$0): F strapless tank, cyan w butterfly
Cupcakes & Poetry (L$1): F easter cupcake hat w chick & eggs
{There are also Cupcakes & Poetry 1, 2, & 3 (L$10 each): 6pr eggs in cupcake cups. These are actual products, not hunt prizes. What you see is what you get.}
Fab.Pony 1/6 (L$1): F static pose, coy backward glance {I don't think this one is still there. I couldn't find it a second time.}
Fab.Pony 2/6 (L$1): U crystal eyes
Fab.Pony 6/6 (L$1): F snakeskin shirt w ruffly sleeves
Herbalys (L$0): 16pr plant sprouting from egg
Hoot (L$5): U two pairs eyes, F three pairs tartan panties w prim bows
Ingenue (L$0): F mauve flats w understated ruffles
Ki2 2/7 (L$10): F one-piece swimsuit w skirt, sky blue
L.Fauna (L$0): F yellow bandeau & bikini undies
Mr Tentacle (L$0): U hatching easter egg w tentacles (worn on head)
Nut (L$1): F striped wool leggings, 2pr flowers & hay in a pot
Olive Juice (L$10): eight assorted static poses
Republica 1/3 (L$10): 7pr armchair w pink back & arms
Republica 2/3 (L$10): 7pr armchair w creme back & arms
Republica 3/3 (L$10): 7pr armchair w green back & arms
Separate Sack (L$0): 10pr square wooden table (no tablecloth)
Split Pea (L$10): 1pr rug w city scene
Split Pea (L$10): 1pr rug w owl in tree
Split Pea (L$1): F gold cable knit socks w prim flowers
Stinkeye (L$0): F exploding easter bonnet
Syds (L$1): F enormous hair, one color {I think this one has been picked up early. It's nowhere to be re-found.}
Whippet & Buck (L$1): F stripy frilly bikini swimsuit

Do Re Mi (L$0): U static pose, curled up on the floor
Fab.Pony 4/6 (L$1): F rose quartz glam legging
Horribaubles (L$0): U easter basket w creepy doll & bunnies
Ki2 3/7 (L$10): F one-piece swimsuit w skirt, purple
Ki2 4/7 (L$10): F one-piece swimsuit w skirt, pink
Separate Sack 2/2 (L$0): 11pr square table w faded tablecloth
Ticky Tacky 1/2 (L$1): F pastel bead earrings
Ticky Tacky 2/2 (L$1): F pastel bead necklace

Freezepoop (L$1): F tight jeans
Ki2 5/7 (L$10): F one-piece swimsuit w skirt, light beige
North West (L$0): U balloons to hold w messages
Ohmai (L$1): F/U racerback tanks, three striped color combos
Sanu (L$5): U bunneh in an egg for shoulder
Saturnine Dreams 1/2 (L$5): 5pr large basket w pose, shell cap to wear, 1pr egg w owl
Saturnine Dreams 2/2 (L$5): 2pr pastel plaid beanbag chair, 2pr mosaic eggshell rocker, 1pr egg w sheep
Schadenfreude (L$5): F light cyan & lavender dress w sculpted skirt
SD Wears (L$10): F purple & yellow polka dot dress
Sh33k Poses (L$0): U easter egg basket for arm, static holding pose
Silent Sparrow (L$5): F starbunny knitty socks, eight colors
Turnip (L$10): pink paper lanterns: 5pr single, 13pr string of three, 21pr string of five, 29pr string of seven
U&R Dogs (L$1): F dangly pearl gold star earrings

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