Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Egg Madness Hunt prize list

The SLURLs in this blog will take you to the stores but not to the prizes.

HUNT ENDS: April 10
HUNT ITEM: pale pink egg with "EEM" on it if you look closely enough
VISIBILITY: very visible in wireframe, but I've had to get pretty close before it rezzed sometimes
BLOG: but there's nothing there
HINTS: but they don't go up very high

01 III & TrashFashBlog: M "i'm with stupid" tee; F "i'm with stupid" tank dress

02 Heart & Sole: F pink & black gogo sandals w prim feet

03 Duh!: F pastel pink bow pumps

04 (OMFG) I Love It: 24pr (3pc) peeps basket w poses for two

05 AtomicBambi: F sculpted flower dress

06 Nushru: F pink plaid bustier dress

07 Alexohol Fashions: F white strapless dress w pink flowers, sculpted skirt

08 Ducknipple: F green spring tank dress

09 E.B Prims & Poses: voodoo easter egg shoulder pet

10 Vanity Shapes & Skins: F & M shapes (no mod)

11 Zahir Designs: F easter bikini w yellow chicks

12 Gems & Kisses: F dangle chain earrings

13 Icarus Video & Lighting: 5pr red leaves floor lamp

14 Iced: F easter peeps necklace; M silver cross necklace

16a Garden Oasis: 14pr welcome sign in a planter w pink flowers

16b Seasonal Creations: 28pr table candelabra w roses

17 Khargo: 4pr giant chocolate egg w eating anim

18 Z@K Chandelier & Sculpt Maps: 1pr gazebo, 4pr (2pc) version

19 Wilson's Designs for Men: U blue striped shirt, tucked only

20 Munchkin Madness: 20pr easter egg garden chair

21 Tree House Treasures: 13pr large egg w "happy easter" chick inside

22 Tranquility Frames: 3pr easter egg picture frame

23 Finishing Touches: 4pr smaller easter egg picture frame for table

24 vMotional: two-person pose

26 Gestures by Nykeria: "hottest place to party" gesture

27 DragonLady Designs: 35pr basket of easter goodies

28 Malley's Fashions: F outfit incl asscrack jeans, M hoodie

29 October Alchemy: 2pr Ostara painting

30 Ramel's Houses & Garden: 13pr ricepaper lanterns

31 Delirium: F/U glasses w carrot and peep charms

32 Hearth & Home: 12pr fireplace w Greek figures

34 Wisent Animation: two-person pose w easter basket

35 Bethany's Boutique: happy easter poofer

36 Aidoru: F multiple ring set; M piercing w chain from ear to eyebrow

37 Sinful Temptations: 35pr easter cake

38 Culture Cannibals: F faberge egg earrings

39 A Touch of Surreal: M boxers & tank; F pink wiggle dress

40 Sirens Song: 9pr bunny fountain

41 SonToria: 23pr canopy bed w easter linens (poses but not sex poses)

42 RnB Designs Furniture: 19pr spring garden w solo & couple poses

43 Kabuki Creations: couple ground sitting pose

44 dStinct Designs: 5pr cuddle rock incl solo poses

45 Orctime & Hestia's: 14pr (4pc) plank bench, 1pr log of mulch, 8pr (3pc) conservatory, 15pr (3pc) sitting room, two 9pr overstuffed chairs, 11pr bar, fourteen plants for conservatory 1pr to 6pr each, 22pr fireplace, 6pr stool, assorted full perms stuff

46 SteamBound: F & M tapestry tux jacket & corset outfit

47 Never You Mind: 12pr egg & balloon that floats around

48 Sunshine Design: 6pr cracked easter egg w poses

49 Vamp Equip: 8pr tray of spring-colored candles

50 Brass in Pocket: 1pr Dora art; U turtle backpack

51 L&H Design Collection: F bunny necklace

52 Ruth's Creations: 12pr easter egg basket

53 FD Decor: 15pr painting eggs tray, 4pr paint bowl, 2pr broken egg, two 3pr potted plants, one easter-themed, one regular

54 One Eyed Cupcake: huggable bunny

55 Euphoria: F very small top and miniskirt, legwarmers

56 Phoebe: F bangles, seven colors

57 Naive: F blue & gray dress; M brown electricity tee

58 Copper Sun Designs: 17pr pot of lilies in an eggshell

59 Pestique: 5pr bathroom towel basket, 4pr towel rail

60 Ignition: 3pr white bench w cuddle; 32pr basket w egg & salt

61 Delight: U soft knit hat w hair

62 Pretty Lady: F skin w nice detail, deep bronze tan, tangerine lips

63 Joes Ink Tatto Shop: U butterfly face tattoo

64 Kitten Caboodle: 1pr cat bed, easter tail & egg antennae, 66pr easter basket w poses

65 Cheeky Pea: 1pr gummi bear lounger for two

66 Aster's Builts: 4pr (2pc) cherry blossom tree w cuddle stump, 11pr champagne basket

67 D&V Creations: 21pr fountain

68 Michigans Shack: 8pr (5pc) outdoor easter egg sitting area

69 Before Sleep: F pink bunny dress, M bunny shirt & brown pants

70 Belle's Birthday Store: 28pr bunny in an egg decor

71 Belle's Wedding Store: 8pr faberge egg that plays "Dancing Queen"

73 Wild Talender: U belt w eggs, paints, & brushes attached

74 Touch of Sun: M short-sleeved print shirt, F small tank & little shorts

75 AR Designs: U three-band diamond ring; F bead necklace w diamond cross

76 Mustang Trading Post: M silver & carved wood cuff; F colorful bangles

77 Love Tattoos: 1pr & wearable happy easter poofers

78 Spiders Design: wearable easter bear, U tophat w chick

79 Bound & Bitten: 8pr pink rose cuddle/sex rug

80 Jairis: F pink satiny nighty; M brown hoodie jacket

81 Varriale Designs: 8pr planter w lilies

82 Felicia's Fashions: M "peep'n tom" boxer set; F purple & green springy outfit

83 Sun Made Fashions: U color change sneakers

84 2SweetNeko: 34pr easter basket to sit in

85 Liquified: 121pr life size easter egg basket w cuddles

86 Blackbart Designs: 11pr bookshelf w picture frames

87 Trashtastic: U egg backpacks

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