Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Egg Madness Hunt prize list

The SLURLs in this blog will take you to the stores but not to the prizes.

HUNT ENDS: April 10
HUNT ITEM: pale pink egg with "EEM" on it if you look closely enough
VISIBILITY: very visible in wireframe, but I've had to get pretty close before it rezzed sometimes
BLOG: but there's nothing there
HINTS: but they don't go up very high

01 III & TrashFashBlog: M "i'm with stupid" tee; F "i'm with stupid" tank dress

02 Heart & Sole: F pink & black gogo sandals w prim feet

03 Duh!: F pastel pink bow pumps

04 (OMFG) I Love It: 24pr (3pc) peeps basket w poses for two

05 AtomicBambi: F sculpted flower dress

06 Nushru: F pink plaid bustier dress

07 Alexohol Fashions: F white strapless dress w pink flowers, sculpted skirt

08 Ducknipple: F green spring tank dress

09 E.B Prims & Poses: voodoo easter egg shoulder pet

10 Vanity Shapes & Skins: F & M shapes (no mod)

11 Zahir Designs: F easter bikini w yellow chicks

12 Gems & Kisses: F dangle chain earrings

13 Icarus Video & Lighting: 5pr red leaves floor lamp

14 Iced: F easter peeps necklace; M silver cross necklace

16a Garden Oasis: 14pr welcome sign in a planter w pink flowers

16b Seasonal Creations: 28pr table candelabra w roses

17 Khargo: 4pr giant chocolate egg w eating anim

18 Z@K Chandelier & Sculpt Maps: 1pr gazebo, 4pr (2pc) version

19 Wilson's Designs for Men: U blue striped shirt, tucked only

20 Munchkin Madness: 20pr easter egg garden chair

21 Tree House Treasures: 13pr large egg w "happy easter" chick inside

22 Tranquility Frames: 3pr easter egg picture frame

23 Finishing Touches: 4pr smaller easter egg picture frame for table

24 vMotional: two-person pose

26 Gestures by Nykeria: "hottest place to party" gesture

27 DragonLady Designs: 35pr basket of easter goodies

28 Malley's Fashions: F outfit incl asscrack jeans, M hoodie

29 October Alchemy: 2pr Ostara painting

30 Ramel's Houses & Garden: 13pr ricepaper lanterns

31 Delirium: F/U glasses w carrot and peep charms

32 Hearth & Home: 12pr fireplace w Greek figures

34 Wisent Animation: two-person pose w easter basket

35 Bethany's Boutique: happy easter poofer

36 Aidoru: F multiple ring set; M piercing w chain from ear to eyebrow

37 Sinful Temptations: 35pr easter cake

38 Culture Cannibals: F faberge egg earrings

39 A Touch of Surreal: M boxers & tank; F pink wiggle dress

40 Sirens Song: 9pr bunny fountain

41 SonToria: 23pr canopy bed w easter linens (poses but not sex poses)

42 RnB Designs Furniture: 19pr spring garden w solo & couple poses

43 Kabuki Creations: couple ground sitting pose

44 dStinct Designs: 5pr cuddle rock incl solo poses

45 Orctime & Hestia's: 14pr (4pc) plank bench, 1pr log of mulch, 8pr (3pc) conservatory, 15pr (3pc) sitting room, two 9pr overstuffed chairs, 11pr bar, fourteen plants for conservatory 1pr to 6pr each, 22pr fireplace, 6pr stool, assorted full perms stuff

46 SteamBound: F & M tapestry tux jacket & corset outfit

47 Never You Mind: 12pr egg & balloon that floats around

48 Sunshine Design: 6pr cracked easter egg w poses

49 Vamp Equip: 8pr tray of spring-colored candles

50 Brass in Pocket: 1pr Dora art; U turtle backpack

51 L&H Design Collection: F bunny necklace

52 Ruth's Creations: 12pr easter egg basket

53 FD Decor: 15pr painting eggs tray, 4pr paint bowl, 2pr broken egg, two 3pr potted plants, one easter-themed, one regular

54 One Eyed Cupcake: huggable bunny

55 Euphoria: F very small top and miniskirt, legwarmers

56 Phoebe: F bangles, seven colors

57 Naive: F blue & gray dress; M brown electricity tee

58 Copper Sun Designs: 17pr pot of lilies in an eggshell

59 Pestique: 5pr bathroom towel basket, 4pr towel rail

60 Ignition: 3pr white bench w cuddle; 32pr basket w egg & salt

61 Delight: U soft knit hat w hair

62 Pretty Lady: F skin w nice detail, deep bronze tan, tangerine lips

63 Joes Ink Tatto Shop: U butterfly face tattoo

64 Kitten Caboodle: 1pr cat bed, easter tail & egg antennae, 66pr easter basket w poses

65 Cheeky Pea: 1pr gummi bear lounger for two

66 Aster's Builts: 4pr (2pc) cherry blossom tree w cuddle stump, 11pr champagne basket

67 D&V Creations: 21pr fountain

68 Michigans Shack: 8pr (5pc) outdoor easter egg sitting area

69 Before Sleep: F pink bunny dress, M bunny shirt & brown pants

70 Belle's Birthday Store: 28pr bunny in an egg decor

71 Belle's Wedding Store: 8pr faberge egg that plays "Dancing Queen"

73 Wild Talender: U belt w eggs, paints, & brushes attached

74 Touch of Sun: M short-sleeved print shirt, F small tank & little shorts

75 AR Designs: U three-band diamond ring; F bead necklace w diamond cross

76 Mustang Trading Post: M silver & carved wood cuff; F colorful bangles

77 Love Tattoos: 1pr & wearable happy easter poofers

78 Spiders Design: wearable easter bear, U tophat w chick

79 Bound & Bitten: 8pr pink rose cuddle/sex rug

80 Jairis: F pink satiny nighty; M brown hoodie jacket

81 Varriale Designs: 8pr planter w lilies

82 Felicia's Fashions: M "peep'n tom" boxer set; F purple & green springy outfit

83 Sun Made Fashions: U color change sneakers

84 2SweetNeko: 34pr easter basket to sit in

85 Liquified: 121pr life size easter egg basket w cuddles

86 Blackbart Designs: 11pr bookshelf w picture frames

87 Trashtastic: U egg backpacks

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Knock Your Socks Off Hunt prize list

The info card for this hunt says explicitly that the organizer does not approve of sharing the SLURLs to the stores, so I won't be including those publicly.

HUNT ENDS: March 31
HUNT ITEM: green prim sock
VISIBILITY: wireframe works well

Start spot: Consequence

01 Consequence: F black & brown striped thigh-highs w green cuffs

02 Ill Will Kids: F six pairs striped & argyle knee-highs w prim cuffs

03 Bunny Creek: F pink slipper socks

04 Playland Kids Mall: U skate outfit *prims are sized for child avs but are resize

05 Serenity Island Gift Shop: U toe socks, sized for kids (prim feet, not bare)

06 KDee's Designs: F mesh black outfit w hunter's kilt & accessories

08 Ali Couture: F white socks w bunchy ankles

09 Rusty Rhode: F purple leg warmers w safety pins & bows

10 Deviant Designs: F six pairs flower & fishnet stockings

11 Robbish: sock puppets for the hands, U sock puppet tee

12 Never Ever: U sock hunt-themed pocketwatch

13 Rotten Defiance: U static cling footie jammies, one w bare-butt pants

14 Aidoru: F gold & ruby garter belt; M sock charm bracelet

15 Soul Distraction: M & F casual outfits, each incl sneakers

16 LilyPads: 13 pairs of F above-the-knee socks w fun textures

17 The Darks': F fishnet camisole, black & peach acid wash leggings & gloves

18 Abundantia: 41pr sock bed; 4pr sock valentine

19 Skat Cat Neko: F torn shirts (shows nipple)

20 Cortes'n'Rossini: U rock my socks tee

22 Darkfold: F green skimpy outfit & neko parts

23 Liquified: F white thigh-high socks w Irish flag color stripes

24 The Punk Shack: F brown & black rock & roll fantasy stockings

26 Tea Monster: F purple thigh-highs, U green tee w footprints

27 Bella's Boutique: nine pairs F half sock fishnets; M grey v-neck tee

28 Razorblade Jacket: F purple bikini top; U brown "fail" tee

29 Eden Freese Fashion: F white flowery halter dress & stockings

30 So Berry Licious Boutique: F purple polo w sock pattern

31 Bound & Bitten: 1pr "straps & suds" erotic photo art

32 Wildz Creations: F pink jammies, thigh-highs, bunny slippers

33 Spiritweaver: F shamrock earrings & necklace

34 Shameless Bits: 26pr purple daisy hammock w cuddle anims

35 Grumble Grumble: M black & F pink plaid slippers

36 BojanaFashion: F jeans, snakey necklace, white thong, tattoo top

37 Rozza's Roze: F black pants, black & red flower blouse

38 Kayfo: two 1pr pillows, 3pr floor futon w cute faces

39 Luna Eclipse Design: F pink plaid outfit

40 Gestures by Nykeria: "i snagged my stocking" gesture

41 Trixxy's Shop: three pairs F thigh-high socks

42 Abia Capalini Design: F black dress w colorful flower print, shiny dark pumps

43 Dead Bunny: U sock monkey avatar

44 Yes Oui Si Fashion: U cowboy hat, scarf, belt

45 Diamond Jules Art Gallery: 1pr wall art nude woman w green around her

47 Kiwi: U ladybug chucks

48 Favorite Things: 16pr miniature barrel organ

49 Pussy Deluxe Goes Emo: 3pr candle; 3pr animated star wall art

50 The U-neek: eight pairs F thigh-high socks, various patterns

51 Vextra Messing: three pairs F fishnet pantyhose

52 SB Wear: F filmy red dress; M black pants & green shirt

53 Mastery's Wonderland: F pink platform boots

56 Elisabeth's Store: F silver pumps

57 Eclecticat: eight pairs F thigh-highs, gun w "bullet to the head" sound, 5pr foot stool, two 2pr stools shaped like feet, foot-in-mouth attachment

58 Compassion Project Store: M & F outfits incl shoes & accessories

59 Frosting Ink: F sock earrings w cream & cherries

60 K2K Headquarters: F top, skirt, & sneakers outfit

62 Dogstar Men's Casuals: gray tee w cassette tape

63 Soffy Skins & Shapes: F black footless stockings

64 Amaya's Music Gestures: three random sound gestures

65 Simply: five gestures, four pairs F knee-high animal print socks

66a DID Safe Haven: 1pr temp rez flower field, basket to wear w picking anim

66b Free2Be"We" Store: wearable doll pram, sized for kid avi

67 Angel's Haven: 1pr ornament of dog named sox in shoe

68 Wanda's: F striped sock earrings

69 Malizz Yiyuan Creation: rainbow sock for mouth w attacked anim on click

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twisted Hunt Spring 2010 prize list

The SLURLs in this blog are the exact LMs given in the hunt. They will not take you straight to the prize. The purpose of this list is to help those who don't have the time to spend on the entire hunt and would prefer to prioritize which hunt stops they focus on.

HUNT ENDS: March 31
HUNT ITEM: small black & green rotating cube
VISIBILITY: you can see it in wireframe, but the colors don't stand out; it's often more visible in regular view
HINTS: I haven't found a list anywhere.
WHERE I'M AT: all done (updated 12:40pm 23 March)

001 DV8: F skirt/little top outfit in three colors; M hazmat outfit in three colors; U biotox mask

002 Stringer Mausoleum: U demon horns for back & head

003 Blue Blood: U gothic trenchcoat

004 Dilly Dolls: F bright green lingerie & boots; 3pr absinthe glass w poses

005 Nocturna Gothic Designs: 12pr deep green armchair w many anims

006 Flavor Designs: M & F jewelry

007 Dare Designs: 32pr (2pc) martini glass w tentacles & poses

008 Burning Chrome: M & F green hair & many accessories; F body spiral & skins

009 Yellow Jester: cannibal's kitchen skybox, in 255pr, 200pr, & 64pr versions; recipes, attaching objects

010 Unique Needs: M & F purple catsuit, boots, & fetish accessories

011 Jeaniesing's Things: 6pr cauldron; wearable floating balloon

012 Weather! or Not?: U umbrella w black rain; F tanktop

013 Sn@tch: F absinthe fairy outfit, wings/ears, & skin

014 Secrets of Gaia: F green dress, M & F poison dagger necklaces

015 Lolapop: M & F biohazard waste necklace

016 ImmateriA: M & F prim mad scientist jacket, boots, hat; 1-3pr test tubes and such

017 Deviant Designs: F black & green ballet flats w twisted box

018 XIII: 86-ish pr sacrificial alter & cauldron

019 PeeBox: U anti-racism tees

020 Virtual Alchemy: 36pr (2pc) photo cauldron; 2pr rl photo framed

021 A-Bomb: F green ankle boots; U thermal shirt

022 Nibby-licious Boutique: U cyber belt, camo pants & vest, collar

023 Bloodmyst: 12pr skull cauldron tip jar

024 Hearth & Home: 25pr witch hut w fireplace/cauldron

025 Del May: three sets of 2-person poses, 2M, 2F, & 1M/1F

026 Heart & Sole: F green ankle boots

027 Retox: U two pairs bone wings

028 Sable Rose Jewelry: F charm bracelet; M upper arm cuff w dagger

029 Madness & Mayhem: 63pr genie bottle

030 A Netherworld: F short black casual dress; M black tee

031 Pop Tart & Urban Assault: M & F hair, w & w/o cat ears, 10 colors each (40 in all)

032 Oddment: 1pr copy-ok field of bewitching grass

033 Nightshade Designs: U black jacket w green detail

034 Cyber Midgets: M & F green spiked belt w neon, chains, & syringes

035 Snow Bound: 71pr (9pc) witch cave furniture set incl single bed & seats

036 DemotiK: M & F bright green ankle boots

037 D's: U mouth accessory twisted box on chain w bloodied bag

038 Rasetsukoku: U strange brew belt; M & F green shirts

039 The Secret Shelf 1/4: F silks in Japanese style w twisted texture

039 The Secret Shelf 2/4: 9pr Japanese-inspired bench w green cushions

039 The Secret Shelf 3/4: F Isis avatar incl hair shape eyes har, 3 skins

039 The Secret Shelf 4/4: 13pr slave hitching post

040 Dreams in Digital Art Gallery: 1pr digital pic of woman & cauldron w tentacles

041 Jazmyn D: F black & deep red dress w layered skirt

042 Tree House Treasures: 22pr twisted dead tree

043 Lantian: 3pr round hanging cage

044 Damned Good Design: 42pr (2pc) blue marble bathtub w green water

045 Sommerfeld Furniture: 32pr stack of teacups avatars can sit in

046 Sa-eela: U belt w potions etc all around it

047 Brat: F salmon & silver dress

048 Wild Style Fashions 1/2: U eyebrow piercings & cyber scan bracelet; F nose chain & lip stud

048 Wild Style Fashions 2/2: F shamrock necklace

049 Likka*House: U mechanical arm w eyeball coming out of av eye

050 Avatar Bizarre: M/U blue riding outfit

051 Goth1c0: M & F poison bottle necklaces on chains

052 Adoration Home: 53pr (10pc) furniture & tabletop absinthe set

053 Sangre Noir: F top/skirt set w blood splatter options

054 Gilded: M & F expiredMech AO w skeleton arm

055 Kastle Rock Couture: F wedding gown w blood; M outfit w blood

056 Death's Rose Designs: F/U cloak; 17pr wall sculpture

057 Claw'd: 117pr (14pc) furniture & absinthe serving set in rez box

058 Malfean Visions: 24pr green fairy sculpture

059 DragonFyre Designs: U RLV-enabled zigzag collar w ahnk

060 Altya's Dream Creations: 13pr alien in flying saucer

061 Urban Forge Virtuatecture: 114pr green & purple witch house

062 Show Me On the Doll: F green micro-minidress & ponyboots

063 Moonlight Shapes: M & F shapes (c/m/nt)

064 Illuminated Imp: U shibari ropes; 52pr (3pc) teahouse

065 Obsidian Desires: 9pr pile of brightly colored skulls w poses

066 Wonderland by PQD: 16pr (4pc) table & chairs set w tea

067 Cheeky Pea: 46pr dead tree w swing set

068 SexySyns Clothing: 7pr holding tank

070 GL Designs: F clothing incl pasties, eensy skirt, torn fishnets

071 Cherry Candy / cu*t: 16pr demon throne, M & F silver demon wings, hooves, etc; 2pr green lamp; 16pr purple octopus; U unicorn tail, unicorn parts for furries

072 House of RFyre: M & F store logo tees

073 Virtual Insanity: U deadly cocktail leg strap; hand & face piercings, tattoo

074 Razz-a-Matazz: 61pr grunge sewer cake

076 Dark Water Designs: F green corset dress; M green fairy tee; 182pr (23pc) furnished key-shaped house (all unlinked, item breakdown listed at bottom)

077 Stone Misery: 36pr monster cave

079 Corbin Coage Creations: 50pr grave area w badger

080 MH Creations: 13pr photo box; 7pr stump w pose; twisted lanterns w poses; U tattoo

081 Neko Wonderland: U large black wings w skulls, guitars & tattoo needles

082 Snugglicious: 11pr teddy bear w sitting poses; knife

083 Tonya's Restraint Works: 12pr cauldron w pose for sitting in it

084 H&H Kreations: F corset outfit & neko parts; U barbed baggies set

085 Castle Calypso: 22pr biohazard spill w cans & bones

086 Frankenlust Holiday Shoppe: 69pr (2pc) twisted vines swing (also 33pr version)

087 ChaosSun Creations: U kilt, gi; F kimono & two dresses, all in Twisted texture

088 X-Factory: 22pr (2pc) teacup carousel

089 Campalicious: U collar, armband, & boots; M thong; F bra & panties

090 KK's Design: F micro-miniskirt & fishnet top

091 Luscious Art & Photography: two 1pr works of digital art

092 Bubble: F/U green glassy cuff bracelets & necklace

093 Phoebe's Piercings & More: U skull mouth piercing

094 Firefly Fashions 1/2: M green biohazard open shirt, jeans; F green & purple prim dress w skulls

094 Firefly Fashions 2/2: 35pr abandoned toxic house

095 Sugar.Snap.Me: 39pr skybox w tentacles & mushrooms

096 Orage Creations: F black booties w silver swirly heels

097 AR Designs: F choker w cross & double band ring

098 Divalicious: F bangles & pink & black pants outfit

099 Sick With Lust: U zombie parts in a bottle necklace

100 RnB Designs Furniture: 20pr (2pc) twisted tree 2 swing & mushrooms

101 Bound & Bitten 1/2: 8pr sex & cuddle rug

101 Bound & Bitten 2/2: 1pr tramp stamp bondage art photo

102 Dead Designs: F coffin hair ribbon, hair roses, skull spider; U tophat

103 Cat's Cradle: M & F outfits incl shoes

104 Lennox Hill Design: 7pr cocktail table, 13pr chaise, 1pr rug

105 DV8: U armband w large injection gun

=> Items in prize #76:
the house itself: 27pr (4pc); 6pr dining table; four 9pr dining chairs; 18pr couch
7pr coffeetable; 5pr green fairy standing art; two 13pr armchairs; 2pr sidetable; 8pr table lamp; two 1pr rugs (one green, one white fur); 2pr wall TV; 15pr kitchen combo incl counter/cabinets, woodstove, rug, produce shelves; 19pr fireplace; 7pr round bed; 1pr dresser

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OmNomHunt prize list

HUNT ENDS: March 30
HUNT ITEM: cheeseburger (I call them veggieburgers in my brain so that I still want them ;) )
VISIBILITY: visible in wireframe, but they vary widely in size
HINTS: haven't found any yet
WHERE I'M AT: done, it's a very short hunt

00 Start: mouth toast, both human and furry versions

01 Endless Dreams: wearable hovering food

02 Cutie Honey: F ice cream outfit & U enormous ice cream cone w synched anim for all wearing it

03 3rd Wing: F chocolate bunny skin & shape, U chocolate bunny ears & tail

04 LCKY: 18pr donut boat

05 Sanu: F cheeseburger dress

06 Concrete Flowers: donut plate attachments w funny lines if people try to touch them

07 Accessories by Eolande: U sushi bracelet; 1pr sushi meditation pad

09 Izumiya: U edamame backpacks & edamame for mouth

10 December 1/2: F red round glasses w candy chain, choco bags for mouth & pelvis
10 December 2/2: same glasses as in 1/2, jelly bean bags instead of choco

11 Love Soul 1/2: mouth accessory car key w corndog charms
11 Love Soul 2/2: wearable burger trays w poses

12 Last Ride: 6pr (2pc) fortune cookie giver; wearable fortune cookie giver

13 WhoNose: F sausage dress, hair, shoes; F/U sausage necklace & wearable floating sausages

14 KUE!: 7pr plate of muffins; head bunny w muffin; mini-backpack w bunnies

15 Creative Insanity: five lg attaching foods & AO for riding them

16 Senries: U chocolate monkey cube avatar

17 Likka*House: custard pudding a la mode costume w wearable & rezzable (16pr) bowls

18 mocorin: F cookie necklace

19 D-Lab: U fish necklace

20 Milestone Creations: 4pr cheeseburger w poses for three

21 Lantern Evolution: panda chef shoulder pet

22 Feather: 8pr candy bowl, F candy lei

23 Grimalkin Workshop: 25pr flying cakeship, seats driver +3

24 Mixed Nuts: mouth heart pretzel, pretzel bag for hand

25 Cat Crap: misfortune cookie for mouth

26 Lo*momo: F diner waitress outfit & tray

27 Littlegirl: little girl shoulder pet w bunny in her arms

28 DownDownDown: cake for mouth

29 Prettiful: U burger & soda ring w hug anim

30 Boxed Heroes: 81pr robocat sushi dispenser

31 This is a Fawn: U burger tee

32 BareRose: F shoulder bag w candy faces

Monday, March 15, 2010

Accessory Fair Hunt prize list


A number of the stores at the Accessory Fair are participating in a hunt, but there are a few things to know about it.
* Not all of the hunt items are free; most are L$0 or L$1, but I have found bags priced as high as L$50. The hunt items are black bags with the accessory fair logos.
* Even many of the stores that do not have items in the hunt still have freebies and cheapies available. And some have them mixed in with their other items so that you can only find them by checking each one individually. I got all that I could find and listed them here, too. My personal cap for cheapies was L$10. Everything at the fair that price or lower is here.
* Most of the hunt bags are in the stores, but a couple of them are around other parts of the fair area.

@ House of Windsor Collection
=> L$0 AF2010: F brightly colored feather hand bag

@ Cri-Cri
=> L$0 AF2010: F light brown hair w cat ears

@ Haunted Zuzu
=> L$1 each, non-hunt: F black & white short lace scarves

@ Faceted
=> L$0 non-hunt: F color-change jewelry set (earrings, anklets, necklace, bracelet)

@ Adore & Abhor
=> L$5 non-hunt: F ring set
=> L$1 each, non-hunt: F logo belt; leafy hair accessory; neon rainbow bangles & necklace

@ Jewelry by Jake
=> L$1 non-hunt: 24pr Phantom of the Opera music box

@ Wanda's
=> L$0 AF2010: F three-mini-hat accessory
=> L$0 non-hunt: F blingy pumpkin earrings
=> L$0 non-hunt: F zebra print clutch, yellow & black

@ Atomic Bambi
=> L$1 AF2010: F dress corsage red heart & roses

@ Bliensen + MaiTai
=> L$33 AF2010: F hat w & w/o hair (7 hair colors, even though the pic below says 6)
=> L$10 non-hunt: F broadway to hollywood dangle earrings

@ G Sloane Couture
=> L$1 F bangle set
=> L$1 F gem choker & golden mesh scarf w chain

@ Ganked
=> L$0 AF2010: F broadway lights jewelry set
=> L$0 non-hunt: F jewelry, two sets (mermaid & petal in peacock)

@ Callie Cline
=> L$1 non-hunt: purple daisy mouth accessory

@ U&R Dogs
=> L$10 AF2010: F purple heart earrings

@ Dahlinks
=> L$0 AF2010: U brass & amber bracelet

@ Split Pea
=> L$1 AF2010: F red headband w multi feathers (not hidden inside store)
=> L$10 each, non-hunt: F three pairs of sunglasses

@ Rezlpsa Loc
=> L$0 AF2010: F black hair w white streak ponytail & headphones
=> L$10 each, non-hunt: two F hairs w St Pat's hats; one hair w flower

@ Spica
=> L$0 AF2010: F gold circles earrings

@ (OMFG) I Love It
=> L$0 AF2010: F large-lensed sunglasses, bobbypin for mouth

@ Sigma
=> L$0 AF2010: F silver & sapphire rings

@ Gems & Kisses
=> L$49 AF2010: F chokers & bracelets, four color sets

@ IrEn
=> L$0 AF2010: F chin-length hair w band & feathers

@ Skream
=> L$0 AF2010: F lego earrings
=> L$0 non-hunt: U lip ring

@ Kumaki
=> L$0 non-hunt: U single-lens sunglasses

@ Stitch By Stitch
=> L$0 AF2010: F golden teapot earrings

@ December
=> L$0 AF2010: F rose & gems hand mirror, mirror poses
=> L$0 non-hunt: F rose rings
=> L$0 non-hunt: U glasses

To get to the other side of the fair, there's an underground passageway (I recommend taking it at least once ;) ) or you can tp here:

@ Syds
=> L$0 AF2010: F aqua tear face accessory
=> L$1 non-hunt: F green gem ring w leaf detail

@ Mstyle
=> L$0 non-hunt: credit card mouth accessory

@ Ticky Tacky
=> L$1 AF2010: F chorus girl headpiece

@ Aluinn
=> L$0 AF2010: F tennis bracelets w RFL ribbons

@ Preturb/ation
=> L$0 AF2010: F choker & earrings w coins

@ PrimOptic
=> L$0 non-hunt: F '50s-style color-change glasses

@ A La Folie
=> L$1 AF2010: F cuff bracelet, gold w purple gem flower

@ Baubles Boho Jewelry
=> L$1 AF2010: U zig zag cuff (not hidden inside store)
=> L$1 non-hunt: F pewter bangles

@ AlexanderHunter's Couture
=> L$0 AF2010: F clog shoes, denim texture & pink laces

@ Donna Flora
=> L$20 AF2010: F apple tree pin

@ alaMood
=> L$0 AF2010: F cuff bracelets

@ Crystal line
=> L$1 non-hunt: F grey heart necklace & earrings set

@ CentoPallini
=> L$1 non-hunt: F pearl flower & heart earrings
=> L$1 non-hunt: M bracelets, skull & granite
=> L$1 non-hunt: F pair of hair bows w brooch accent
=> L$0 non-hunt: F Japanese hair pin

@ Illusions
=> L$0 AF2010: F black choker w amber charm

@ Phobia
=> L$1 AF2010: U facial piercing set

@ Magpie
=> L$1 AF2010: F black & white square ring w star & checks

Three more places have items that are marked "AF2010" but aren't in the Accessory Fair gift bags. None are super-cheap except in relation to the other items in their respective stores, but they appear to be exclusive to the fair, if you'd like to check them out.

@ alaMood
=> L$50: F necklace w round links & cut stone charm

@ Fairy Tail
=> L$50: F necklace of white bow & pink roses w thorns & stems

@ RFyre
=> L$99 each: five hats (two M and three F), mostly tophats but of smaller sizes and more interesting shapes than most
=> L$200: gold M amulet

Sunday, March 7, 2010

STEAM Hunt prize list

(updated 5:05pm 13 Mar)

HUNT ENDS: March 31
HUNT ITEM: rotating gear
WHERE I'M AT: done (except for #125, which had technical problems)

M=male, F=female, U=unisex
pr=number of prims in a rezzable object
pc=number of pieces in a soft-linked rezzable set of objects (the kind you need to rez in edit mode)

001 Anakron Antique Furniture: 22pr steampunk talon chair

* #104 from the previous Steam Hunt is still here. Take that too if you want, but keep looking for #38.

* prize and next LM delivered separately and not in the same box or folder

070 Sassy Brass: F beige dress sorta '30s style, belt w rose clock attached (the belt is mod ok & can be worn apart from the dress... I'd even call it unisex for some guys, as long as you'd wear something w a brass flower on it)

* prize is numbered #75 incorrectly but LM is numbered #75 correctly

* gift, LM, & texture delivered separately, not in a box or folder

20pr gazebo w spinning gears (Tea & Strychnine); 3pr jewelry box (D&M Furniture); U chain link belt (SR Leatherworks); 10pr chest (Camellia's Sanctuary); 2pr steam light sculpture (MollyWorld Dwellings); 31pr plane, the same one you picked up in the hunt but w fewer perms (Punky Pugilist)

Gridwide Hunt Prize Lists - Why and Wherefore

Continuing to use this blog for anything I feel like saying or posting, whether or not it has anything to do with what came before or after, I'm going to start posting verbal descriptions of gridwide hunt items and SLURLs here. I have been doing this for friends on notecards for quite some time, but I had a conversation with someone earlier tonight that inspired me to begin posting them publicly.

It seems there is a blogger who posts pictures of gridwide hunt prizes and the SLURLs of the stores where they can be found (more or less what I've been doing by notecard on a small scale, only pictorial rather than verbal) who recently came into conflict with a hunt organizer who felt that the practice is antithetical to the goals of the hunt: it encourages hunters to go only to certain stores, which keeps them from viewing new sims and new stores that the hunt chain is meant to give them a tour of.

The vendor I was talking to didn't actually have a problem with the SLURLs being posted; her concern was that while the blogger in question used to take and post pictures of every prize in each hunt, she had instead begun to shoot and post only a portion of the hunt prizes. Since her blog is linked from a number of others, the people viewing her selections add up, and hunters end up going to the stores whose prizes are featured and skipping those whose prizes are not. The vendor has a prize in each of two hunts, and although one is a high-profile, heavily advertised hunt, she says that approximately 85% of the prizes that have been picked up have been the other one, which was profiled on the blog. Not only is she dismayed that people are not picking up the one that she considers by far the better product in the same numbers, but she feels bad for the non-profiled vendors on the hunt for which she was profiled.

My feeling is that identifying hunt prizes and making SLURLs for them available, first, is beneficial to vendors participating in the hunts because although some might get skipped, they are most likely to get skipped by people who otherwise wouldn't be hunting at all. Or to put it another way, more people will go to stores they otherwise would not have gone to than there will be people skipping stores they otherwise would not have skipped. Second, I'd like to step in where the other blogger has left off, in my own, less visual way, so that for some hunts, at least, people can view the full range of what the hunt offers.

I asked a general question in my plurkstream, to make sure my gut feeling was correct. The people I distribute my hunt cards to approach hunts in very different ways, but the two biggest groups consist of: those who never used to hunt but who use the cards to skip around and hit the stores that suit them, and those who are diehard hunters who go to every stop regardless of what the prizes are but then use my cards while unpacking later.

Like the latter folks, I'm a pretty hardcore hunter: I begin every stop without wireframe, without hints, without any other nifty tools (though I'll eventually use anything at my disposal if I'm there long enough), and I have been known to bitch people out when they've given away exact locations in open chat or group IMs. I finish every hunt I've started and unpack relatively quickly, in day-by-day batches. But that's what a hardcore hunter does. And the average SL resident is not a hardcore hunter. Those who are interested in hunting on this level will voluntarily recognize and respect the kinds of hunting ideals the organizer prefers. We do it because that's what makes the hunt a hunt. And I do believe that prizes need to be hunted for: I won't be giving hints or posting exact locations here. There are others who do the former, and the latter is plain cheating.

Realistically speaking, most people are simply not going to hunt that way. Instead, they're not going to hunt at all. They don't want to spend ages looking for things they won't want anyway, whether it's because the prizes aren't suitable for their gender, their "age," their species, or because they are homeless and have no use for anything that doesn't go on their bodies. Also, those who hunt the most are often prone to hunting the fastest. There are a lot of tricks you pick up through experience. Asking an occasional or beginning hunter to do every stop on a 150-store hunt is more likely to result in more people deciding hunting isn't for them than to suck them into the habit.

That's my justification, and I'm sticking to it. :) So now just a few words about what I'm posting here. I'm not interested in making this a massive undertaking. I plan to do pretty much what I've been doing, which is to do the hunts I want to do, write up brief descriptions of the items to be found at each stop, and include a SLURL to the store. I currently hunt and unpack at a pace of 20 prizes per day. I won't be going any faster than that, which means there will be more hunts I don't get to than hunts that I do. I won't be taking pictures. I used to take pictures after unpacking hunt prizes and post them on Flickr, but I find it time-consuming, and I'm not interested in glutting the blogosphere with the same-old-same-old that lots of people already do.

Finally, the one change I will be making to my previous hunt card routine will be the elimination of favorites. Those who have been using my hunt cards are used to me starring the items that I think are the best in the hunt, but I'm uncomfortable doing that in a space where people I don't know could use my ratings without being familiar with me and my taste, and then it's right back to the drawing board where some stores being favored over others is concerned.

Depending on my schedule, I might post a whole hunt at once or do it bit by bit as I work my way through it. I'm making no promises there.

Oh. And. This won't be the only purpose for this blog. I might stop doing it at any time. I'm just doing it now because I feel like it and I think some people will appreciate it. I'll still post any other old random thing here I want to. I'm not trying to gain maximum blog exposure... I'm just doing it for fun. So if I seem to do anything that doesn't conform to standard blogging conventions, oh well. I think that's it. Happy hunting!