Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Twisted Hunt Spring 2010 prize list

The SLURLs in this blog are the exact LMs given in the hunt. They will not take you straight to the prize. The purpose of this list is to help those who don't have the time to spend on the entire hunt and would prefer to prioritize which hunt stops they focus on.

HUNT ENDS: March 31
HUNT ITEM: small black & green rotating cube
VISIBILITY: you can see it in wireframe, but the colors don't stand out; it's often more visible in regular view
HINTS: I haven't found a list anywhere.
WHERE I'M AT: all done (updated 12:40pm 23 March)

001 DV8: F skirt/little top outfit in three colors; M hazmat outfit in three colors; U biotox mask

002 Stringer Mausoleum: U demon horns for back & head

003 Blue Blood: U gothic trenchcoat

004 Dilly Dolls: F bright green lingerie & boots; 3pr absinthe glass w poses

005 Nocturna Gothic Designs: 12pr deep green armchair w many anims

006 Flavor Designs: M & F jewelry

007 Dare Designs: 32pr (2pc) martini glass w tentacles & poses

008 Burning Chrome: M & F green hair & many accessories; F body spiral & skins

009 Yellow Jester: cannibal's kitchen skybox, in 255pr, 200pr, & 64pr versions; recipes, attaching objects

010 Unique Needs: M & F purple catsuit, boots, & fetish accessories

011 Jeaniesing's Things: 6pr cauldron; wearable floating balloon

012 Weather! or Not?: U umbrella w black rain; F tanktop

013 Sn@tch: F absinthe fairy outfit, wings/ears, & skin

014 Secrets of Gaia: F green dress, M & F poison dagger necklaces

015 Lolapop: M & F biohazard waste necklace

016 ImmateriA: M & F prim mad scientist jacket, boots, hat; 1-3pr test tubes and such

017 Deviant Designs: F black & green ballet flats w twisted box

018 XIII: 86-ish pr sacrificial alter & cauldron

019 PeeBox: U anti-racism tees

020 Virtual Alchemy: 36pr (2pc) photo cauldron; 2pr rl photo framed

021 A-Bomb: F green ankle boots; U thermal shirt

022 Nibby-licious Boutique: U cyber belt, camo pants & vest, collar

023 Bloodmyst: 12pr skull cauldron tip jar

024 Hearth & Home: 25pr witch hut w fireplace/cauldron

025 Del May: three sets of 2-person poses, 2M, 2F, & 1M/1F

026 Heart & Sole: F green ankle boots

027 Retox: U two pairs bone wings

028 Sable Rose Jewelry: F charm bracelet; M upper arm cuff w dagger

029 Madness & Mayhem: 63pr genie bottle

030 A Netherworld: F short black casual dress; M black tee

031 Pop Tart & Urban Assault: M & F hair, w & w/o cat ears, 10 colors each (40 in all)

032 Oddment: 1pr copy-ok field of bewitching grass

033 Nightshade Designs: U black jacket w green detail

034 Cyber Midgets: M & F green spiked belt w neon, chains, & syringes

035 Snow Bound: 71pr (9pc) witch cave furniture set incl single bed & seats

036 DemotiK: M & F bright green ankle boots

037 D's: U mouth accessory twisted box on chain w bloodied bag

038 Rasetsukoku: U strange brew belt; M & F green shirts

039 The Secret Shelf 1/4: F silks in Japanese style w twisted texture

039 The Secret Shelf 2/4: 9pr Japanese-inspired bench w green cushions

039 The Secret Shelf 3/4: F Isis avatar incl hair shape eyes har, 3 skins

039 The Secret Shelf 4/4: 13pr slave hitching post

040 Dreams in Digital Art Gallery: 1pr digital pic of woman & cauldron w tentacles

041 Jazmyn D: F black & deep red dress w layered skirt

042 Tree House Treasures: 22pr twisted dead tree

043 Lantian: 3pr round hanging cage

044 Damned Good Design: 42pr (2pc) blue marble bathtub w green water

045 Sommerfeld Furniture: 32pr stack of teacups avatars can sit in

046 Sa-eela: U belt w potions etc all around it

047 Brat: F salmon & silver dress

048 Wild Style Fashions 1/2: U eyebrow piercings & cyber scan bracelet; F nose chain & lip stud

048 Wild Style Fashions 2/2: F shamrock necklace

049 Likka*House: U mechanical arm w eyeball coming out of av eye

050 Avatar Bizarre: M/U blue riding outfit

051 Goth1c0: M & F poison bottle necklaces on chains

052 Adoration Home: 53pr (10pc) furniture & tabletop absinthe set

053 Sangre Noir: F top/skirt set w blood splatter options

054 Gilded: M & F expiredMech AO w skeleton arm

055 Kastle Rock Couture: F wedding gown w blood; M outfit w blood

056 Death's Rose Designs: F/U cloak; 17pr wall sculpture

057 Claw'd: 117pr (14pc) furniture & absinthe serving set in rez box

058 Malfean Visions: 24pr green fairy sculpture

059 DragonFyre Designs: U RLV-enabled zigzag collar w ahnk

060 Altya's Dream Creations: 13pr alien in flying saucer

061 Urban Forge Virtuatecture: 114pr green & purple witch house

062 Show Me On the Doll: F green micro-minidress & ponyboots

063 Moonlight Shapes: M & F shapes (c/m/nt)

064 Illuminated Imp: U shibari ropes; 52pr (3pc) teahouse

065 Obsidian Desires: 9pr pile of brightly colored skulls w poses

066 Wonderland by PQD: 16pr (4pc) table & chairs set w tea

067 Cheeky Pea: 46pr dead tree w swing set

068 SexySyns Clothing: 7pr holding tank

070 GL Designs: F clothing incl pasties, eensy skirt, torn fishnets

071 Cherry Candy / cu*t: 16pr demon throne, M & F silver demon wings, hooves, etc; 2pr green lamp; 16pr purple octopus; U unicorn tail, unicorn parts for furries

072 House of RFyre: M & F store logo tees

073 Virtual Insanity: U deadly cocktail leg strap; hand & face piercings, tattoo

074 Razz-a-Matazz: 61pr grunge sewer cake

076 Dark Water Designs: F green corset dress; M green fairy tee; 182pr (23pc) furnished key-shaped house (all unlinked, item breakdown listed at bottom)

077 Stone Misery: 36pr monster cave

079 Corbin Coage Creations: 50pr grave area w badger

080 MH Creations: 13pr photo box; 7pr stump w pose; twisted lanterns w poses; U tattoo

081 Neko Wonderland: U large black wings w skulls, guitars & tattoo needles

082 Snugglicious: 11pr teddy bear w sitting poses; knife

083 Tonya's Restraint Works: 12pr cauldron w pose for sitting in it

084 H&H Kreations: F corset outfit & neko parts; U barbed baggies set

085 Castle Calypso: 22pr biohazard spill w cans & bones

086 Frankenlust Holiday Shoppe: 69pr (2pc) twisted vines swing (also 33pr version)

087 ChaosSun Creations: U kilt, gi; F kimono & two dresses, all in Twisted texture

088 X-Factory: 22pr (2pc) teacup carousel

089 Campalicious: U collar, armband, & boots; M thong; F bra & panties

090 KK's Design: F micro-miniskirt & fishnet top

091 Luscious Art & Photography: two 1pr works of digital art

092 Bubble: F/U green glassy cuff bracelets & necklace

093 Phoebe's Piercings & More: U skull mouth piercing

094 Firefly Fashions 1/2: M green biohazard open shirt, jeans; F green & purple prim dress w skulls

094 Firefly Fashions 2/2: 35pr abandoned toxic house

095 Sugar.Snap.Me: 39pr skybox w tentacles & mushrooms

096 Orage Creations: F black booties w silver swirly heels

097 AR Designs: F choker w cross & double band ring

098 Divalicious: F bangles & pink & black pants outfit

099 Sick With Lust: U zombie parts in a bottle necklace

100 RnB Designs Furniture: 20pr (2pc) twisted tree 2 swing & mushrooms

101 Bound & Bitten 1/2: 8pr sex & cuddle rug

101 Bound & Bitten 2/2: 1pr tramp stamp bondage art photo

102 Dead Designs: F coffin hair ribbon, hair roses, skull spider; U tophat

103 Cat's Cradle: M & F outfits incl shoes

104 Lennox Hill Design: 7pr cocktail table, 13pr chaise, 1pr rug

105 DV8: U armband w large injection gun

=> Items in prize #76:
the house itself: 27pr (4pc); 6pr dining table; four 9pr dining chairs; 18pr couch
7pr coffeetable; 5pr green fairy standing art; two 13pr armchairs; 2pr sidetable; 8pr table lamp; two 1pr rugs (one green, one white fur); 2pr wall TV; 15pr kitchen combo incl counter/cabinets, woodstove, rug, produce shelves; 19pr fireplace; 7pr round bed; 1pr dresser

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