Sunday, March 7, 2010

STEAM Hunt prize list

(updated 5:05pm 13 Mar)

HUNT ENDS: March 31
HUNT ITEM: rotating gear
WHERE I'M AT: done (except for #125, which had technical problems)

M=male, F=female, U=unisex
pr=number of prims in a rezzable object
pc=number of pieces in a soft-linked rezzable set of objects (the kind you need to rez in edit mode)

001 Anakron Antique Furniture: 22pr steampunk talon chair

* #104 from the previous Steam Hunt is still here. Take that too if you want, but keep looking for #38.

* prize and next LM delivered separately and not in the same box or folder

070 Sassy Brass: F beige dress sorta '30s style, belt w rose clock attached (the belt is mod ok & can be worn apart from the dress... I'd even call it unisex for some guys, as long as you'd wear something w a brass flower on it)

* prize is numbered #75 incorrectly but LM is numbered #75 correctly

* gift, LM, & texture delivered separately, not in a box or folder

20pr gazebo w spinning gears (Tea & Strychnine); 3pr jewelry box (D&M Furniture); U chain link belt (SR Leatherworks); 10pr chest (Camellia's Sanctuary); 2pr steam light sculpture (MollyWorld Dwellings); 31pr plane, the same one you picked up in the hunt but w fewer perms (Punky Pugilist)

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  1. Thank you soooo very much for your list. This link was given to me by a friend. It was very helpful in finishing the hunt. Also, when searching through my STEAM folder to find what's in it without going through each folder.
    I also passed this list on to friends that were unable to finish the hunt. They told me the list was really appreciated. Thank you very much for all your work. ---Hope Highfield