Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OmNomHunt prize list

HUNT ENDS: March 30
HUNT ITEM: cheeseburger (I call them veggieburgers in my brain so that I still want them ;) )
VISIBILITY: visible in wireframe, but they vary widely in size
HINTS: haven't found any yet
WHERE I'M AT: done, it's a very short hunt

00 Start: mouth toast, both human and furry versions

01 Endless Dreams: wearable hovering food

02 Cutie Honey: F ice cream outfit & U enormous ice cream cone w synched anim for all wearing it

03 3rd Wing: F chocolate bunny skin & shape, U chocolate bunny ears & tail

04 LCKY: 18pr donut boat

05 Sanu: F cheeseburger dress

06 Concrete Flowers: donut plate attachments w funny lines if people try to touch them

07 Accessories by Eolande: U sushi bracelet; 1pr sushi meditation pad

09 Izumiya: U edamame backpacks & edamame for mouth

10 December 1/2: F red round glasses w candy chain, choco bags for mouth & pelvis
10 December 2/2: same glasses as in 1/2, jelly bean bags instead of choco

11 Love Soul 1/2: mouth accessory car key w corndog charms
11 Love Soul 2/2: wearable burger trays w poses

12 Last Ride: 6pr (2pc) fortune cookie giver; wearable fortune cookie giver

13 WhoNose: F sausage dress, hair, shoes; F/U sausage necklace & wearable floating sausages

14 KUE!: 7pr plate of muffins; head bunny w muffin; mini-backpack w bunnies

15 Creative Insanity: five lg attaching foods & AO for riding them

16 Senries: U chocolate monkey cube avatar

17 Likka*House: custard pudding a la mode costume w wearable & rezzable (16pr) bowls

18 mocorin: F cookie necklace

19 D-Lab: U fish necklace

20 Milestone Creations: 4pr cheeseburger w poses for three

21 Lantern Evolution: panda chef shoulder pet

22 Feather: 8pr candy bowl, F candy lei

23 Grimalkin Workshop: 25pr flying cakeship, seats driver +3

24 Mixed Nuts: mouth heart pretzel, pretzel bag for hand

25 Cat Crap: misfortune cookie for mouth

26 Lo*momo: F diner waitress outfit & tray

27 Littlegirl: little girl shoulder pet w bunny in her arms

28 DownDownDown: cake for mouth

29 Prettiful: U burger & soda ring w hug anim

30 Boxed Heroes: 81pr robocat sushi dispenser

31 This is a Fawn: U burger tee

32 BareRose: F shoulder bag w candy faces

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