Monday, March 15, 2010

Accessory Fair Hunt prize list


A number of the stores at the Accessory Fair are participating in a hunt, but there are a few things to know about it.
* Not all of the hunt items are free; most are L$0 or L$1, but I have found bags priced as high as L$50. The hunt items are black bags with the accessory fair logos.
* Even many of the stores that do not have items in the hunt still have freebies and cheapies available. And some have them mixed in with their other items so that you can only find them by checking each one individually. I got all that I could find and listed them here, too. My personal cap for cheapies was L$10. Everything at the fair that price or lower is here.
* Most of the hunt bags are in the stores, but a couple of them are around other parts of the fair area.

@ House of Windsor Collection
=> L$0 AF2010: F brightly colored feather hand bag

@ Cri-Cri
=> L$0 AF2010: F light brown hair w cat ears

@ Haunted Zuzu
=> L$1 each, non-hunt: F black & white short lace scarves

@ Faceted
=> L$0 non-hunt: F color-change jewelry set (earrings, anklets, necklace, bracelet)

@ Adore & Abhor
=> L$5 non-hunt: F ring set
=> L$1 each, non-hunt: F logo belt; leafy hair accessory; neon rainbow bangles & necklace

@ Jewelry by Jake
=> L$1 non-hunt: 24pr Phantom of the Opera music box

@ Wanda's
=> L$0 AF2010: F three-mini-hat accessory
=> L$0 non-hunt: F blingy pumpkin earrings
=> L$0 non-hunt: F zebra print clutch, yellow & black

@ Atomic Bambi
=> L$1 AF2010: F dress corsage red heart & roses

@ Bliensen + MaiTai
=> L$33 AF2010: F hat w & w/o hair (7 hair colors, even though the pic below says 6)
=> L$10 non-hunt: F broadway to hollywood dangle earrings

@ G Sloane Couture
=> L$1 F bangle set
=> L$1 F gem choker & golden mesh scarf w chain

@ Ganked
=> L$0 AF2010: F broadway lights jewelry set
=> L$0 non-hunt: F jewelry, two sets (mermaid & petal in peacock)

@ Callie Cline
=> L$1 non-hunt: purple daisy mouth accessory

@ U&R Dogs
=> L$10 AF2010: F purple heart earrings

@ Dahlinks
=> L$0 AF2010: U brass & amber bracelet

@ Split Pea
=> L$1 AF2010: F red headband w multi feathers (not hidden inside store)
=> L$10 each, non-hunt: F three pairs of sunglasses

@ Rezlpsa Loc
=> L$0 AF2010: F black hair w white streak ponytail & headphones
=> L$10 each, non-hunt: two F hairs w St Pat's hats; one hair w flower

@ Spica
=> L$0 AF2010: F gold circles earrings

@ (OMFG) I Love It
=> L$0 AF2010: F large-lensed sunglasses, bobbypin for mouth

@ Sigma
=> L$0 AF2010: F silver & sapphire rings

@ Gems & Kisses
=> L$49 AF2010: F chokers & bracelets, four color sets

@ IrEn
=> L$0 AF2010: F chin-length hair w band & feathers

@ Skream
=> L$0 AF2010: F lego earrings
=> L$0 non-hunt: U lip ring

@ Kumaki
=> L$0 non-hunt: U single-lens sunglasses

@ Stitch By Stitch
=> L$0 AF2010: F golden teapot earrings

@ December
=> L$0 AF2010: F rose & gems hand mirror, mirror poses
=> L$0 non-hunt: F rose rings
=> L$0 non-hunt: U glasses

To get to the other side of the fair, there's an underground passageway (I recommend taking it at least once ;) ) or you can tp here:

@ Syds
=> L$0 AF2010: F aqua tear face accessory
=> L$1 non-hunt: F green gem ring w leaf detail

@ Mstyle
=> L$0 non-hunt: credit card mouth accessory

@ Ticky Tacky
=> L$1 AF2010: F chorus girl headpiece

@ Aluinn
=> L$0 AF2010: F tennis bracelets w RFL ribbons

@ Preturb/ation
=> L$0 AF2010: F choker & earrings w coins

@ PrimOptic
=> L$0 non-hunt: F '50s-style color-change glasses

@ A La Folie
=> L$1 AF2010: F cuff bracelet, gold w purple gem flower

@ Baubles Boho Jewelry
=> L$1 AF2010: U zig zag cuff (not hidden inside store)
=> L$1 non-hunt: F pewter bangles

@ AlexanderHunter's Couture
=> L$0 AF2010: F clog shoes, denim texture & pink laces

@ Donna Flora
=> L$20 AF2010: F apple tree pin

@ alaMood
=> L$0 AF2010: F cuff bracelets

@ Crystal line
=> L$1 non-hunt: F grey heart necklace & earrings set

@ CentoPallini
=> L$1 non-hunt: F pearl flower & heart earrings
=> L$1 non-hunt: M bracelets, skull & granite
=> L$1 non-hunt: F pair of hair bows w brooch accent
=> L$0 non-hunt: F Japanese hair pin

@ Illusions
=> L$0 AF2010: F black choker w amber charm

@ Phobia
=> L$1 AF2010: U facial piercing set

@ Magpie
=> L$1 AF2010: F black & white square ring w star & checks

Three more places have items that are marked "AF2010" but aren't in the Accessory Fair gift bags. None are super-cheap except in relation to the other items in their respective stores, but they appear to be exclusive to the fair, if you'd like to check them out.

@ alaMood
=> L$50: F necklace w round links & cut stone charm

@ Fairy Tail
=> L$50: F necklace of white bow & pink roses w thorns & stems

@ RFyre
=> L$99 each: five hats (two M and three F), mostly tophats but of smaller sizes and more interesting shapes than most
=> L$200: gold M amulet

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