Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Knock Your Socks Off Hunt prize list

The info card for this hunt says explicitly that the organizer does not approve of sharing the SLURLs to the stores, so I won't be including those publicly.

HUNT ENDS: March 31
HUNT ITEM: green prim sock
VISIBILITY: wireframe works well

Start spot: Consequence

01 Consequence: F black & brown striped thigh-highs w green cuffs

02 Ill Will Kids: F six pairs striped & argyle knee-highs w prim cuffs

03 Bunny Creek: F pink slipper socks

04 Playland Kids Mall: U skate outfit *prims are sized for child avs but are resize

05 Serenity Island Gift Shop: U toe socks, sized for kids (prim feet, not bare)

06 KDee's Designs: F mesh black outfit w hunter's kilt & accessories

08 Ali Couture: F white socks w bunchy ankles

09 Rusty Rhode: F purple leg warmers w safety pins & bows

10 Deviant Designs: F six pairs flower & fishnet stockings

11 Robbish: sock puppets for the hands, U sock puppet tee

12 Never Ever: U sock hunt-themed pocketwatch

13 Rotten Defiance: U static cling footie jammies, one w bare-butt pants

14 Aidoru: F gold & ruby garter belt; M sock charm bracelet

15 Soul Distraction: M & F casual outfits, each incl sneakers

16 LilyPads: 13 pairs of F above-the-knee socks w fun textures

17 The Darks': F fishnet camisole, black & peach acid wash leggings & gloves

18 Abundantia: 41pr sock bed; 4pr sock valentine

19 Skat Cat Neko: F torn shirts (shows nipple)

20 Cortes'n'Rossini: U rock my socks tee

22 Darkfold: F green skimpy outfit & neko parts

23 Liquified: F white thigh-high socks w Irish flag color stripes

24 The Punk Shack: F brown & black rock & roll fantasy stockings

26 Tea Monster: F purple thigh-highs, U green tee w footprints

27 Bella's Boutique: nine pairs F half sock fishnets; M grey v-neck tee

28 Razorblade Jacket: F purple bikini top; U brown "fail" tee

29 Eden Freese Fashion: F white flowery halter dress & stockings

30 So Berry Licious Boutique: F purple polo w sock pattern

31 Bound & Bitten: 1pr "straps & suds" erotic photo art

32 Wildz Creations: F pink jammies, thigh-highs, bunny slippers

33 Spiritweaver: F shamrock earrings & necklace

34 Shameless Bits: 26pr purple daisy hammock w cuddle anims

35 Grumble Grumble: M black & F pink plaid slippers

36 BojanaFashion: F jeans, snakey necklace, white thong, tattoo top

37 Rozza's Roze: F black pants, black & red flower blouse

38 Kayfo: two 1pr pillows, 3pr floor futon w cute faces

39 Luna Eclipse Design: F pink plaid outfit

40 Gestures by Nykeria: "i snagged my stocking" gesture

41 Trixxy's Shop: three pairs F thigh-high socks

42 Abia Capalini Design: F black dress w colorful flower print, shiny dark pumps

43 Dead Bunny: U sock monkey avatar

44 Yes Oui Si Fashion: U cowboy hat, scarf, belt

45 Diamond Jules Art Gallery: 1pr wall art nude woman w green around her

47 Kiwi: U ladybug chucks

48 Favorite Things: 16pr miniature barrel organ

49 Pussy Deluxe Goes Emo: 3pr candle; 3pr animated star wall art

50 The U-neek: eight pairs F thigh-high socks, various patterns

51 Vextra Messing: three pairs F fishnet pantyhose

52 SB Wear: F filmy red dress; M black pants & green shirt

53 Mastery's Wonderland: F pink platform boots

56 Elisabeth's Store: F silver pumps

57 Eclecticat: eight pairs F thigh-highs, gun w "bullet to the head" sound, 5pr foot stool, two 2pr stools shaped like feet, foot-in-mouth attachment

58 Compassion Project Store: M & F outfits incl shoes & accessories

59 Frosting Ink: F sock earrings w cream & cherries

60 K2K Headquarters: F top, skirt, & sneakers outfit

62 Dogstar Men's Casuals: gray tee w cassette tape

63 Soffy Skins & Shapes: F black footless stockings

64 Amaya's Music Gestures: three random sound gestures

65 Simply: five gestures, four pairs F knee-high animal print socks

66a DID Safe Haven: 1pr temp rez flower field, basket to wear w picking anim

66b Free2Be"We" Store: wearable doll pram, sized for kid avi

67 Angel's Haven: 1pr ornament of dog named sox in shoe

68 Wanda's: F striped sock earrings

69 Malizz Yiyuan Creation: rainbow sock for mouth w attacked anim on click

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